Wyclef Jean may have been shut out of his bid to become president of Haiti, but that hasn't deterred him from remaining politically active. The former Fugees member has partnered with government group Campaign Money Watch, a project of the Public Campaign Action Fund, to motivate young and minority voters to get to the polls.

The organization has enlisted Clef for his star power, and will spend a $750,000 budget on advertising over the next week. Jean will debut a new song on the campaign's website titled 'They Win. U Lose,' and has already spoken on behalf of the cause.

"After a month of campaigning for president of Haiti and the first six months after the earthquake helping the country start rebuilding, I sat back and looked around," Jean said in a statement. "What I saw and felt in the U.S., my second home country, with all the haters and money craziness in the campaigns, it almost puts the chaos of Haitian politics to shame, you know? It's about making your voice heard. That's what's important, and I know that better than ever, so I want to reach the young people to remind them [of that]."

The singer-songwriter has incorporated his political life into his music, most recently releasing the aforementioned 'Election Time' and 'Death Threats.' The pair of tracks is slated to make his politically savvy album 'If I Were President: My Haitian Experience,' due in 2011.

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