Dj Drana and Wyclef

According to XXL Magazine, mixtape king DJ Drama has collaborated on a project with Wyclef that is rumored to drop ... today (Nov. 10.)

"It's Wyclef's first all around hip-hop project since 'The Carnival," Drama told XXL. "He called me like, 'Drama, let's do something special. I don't want to do a regular mixtape, I want to make an album.' So we came up with the concept." The "street album" will be titled 'From the Hut to the Projects to the Mansion.'

"One of the songs on there is 'The Streets Pronounced Me Dead." Drama revealed. [It's] Wyclef speaking on how the street didn't think he had it." While Drama is taking the album's executive producer title, others round out the 16 track project. "Wyclef produced a bunch, Jermaine Dupri [too] and the s---'s crazy," Drama said. Drama's own in-house production partner, V-12 the Hitman, also contributed four beats to the album. XXL claims the pseudo-mixtape will drop today (Nov. 10.)

In other DJ Drama news, the Atlanta-based DJ is currently hard at work on a sequel to his 2008 'There Is No Competition' mixtape with rapper Fabolous.