They never broke up so wasn't a reunion in the traditional sense, but it sure felt like one, as the entire Wu-Tang Clan performed their new single, 'Ron O'Neal,' on 'The Daily Show' on Wednesday (Aug. 6). The song is named after the late actor who played coke dealer Youngblood Priest in the 1972 film 'Super Fly.'

Just seeing all nine members of the group side by side was eventful in itself, but when the beat dropped and Method Man started his verse, it felt like 1996 all over again, when the Wu completely ran hip-hop.

Inspectah Deck was up next, and as usual, he delivered incredibly visuals rhymes and slick metaphors.

"Slim from the Cotton Club washing a scrub / Deuce high when it cruise by spotting his love / Hold the mic like a .38 muzzle to snub / This flow call it OJ, blood on the glove," he rhymed.

However, there wasn't much movement around the stage from the group, as members simply walked up to the microphone when it was their time to spit. But that didn't take away from the performance, because again, just seeing the nine-man crew all together was a show within itself. Especially, since there's been some reported tensions within the camp during the making of their forthcoming album 'A Better Tomorrow.'

If 'Ron O'Neal' is any indication of how the LP will sound, we're all in for a nice Wu-Tang treat. That's for sure.