Queens' World’s Fair collective placed themselves in the "New New York" conversation last year on the strength of projects from Children of the Night (the sub-trio of Remy Banks, Nasty Nigel and Lansky Jones) and Price SAMO, as well as their World's Fair Wednesdays series, which spawned plenty of dope loose cuts.

But 2013 is the year in which the fair really goes global.

With the ink still drying on their new deal with Fool's Gold, the six-deep collective inch closer to the release of their debut group album, 'Bastards of the Party.' We've heard a few samples of the project already, including '96 Knicks,' and today brings another early listen in the form of 'Sammy Sosa.'

Here, Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel and Remy Banks form like Voltron over a Black Noi$e beat that balances that '90s rawness with contemporary electronic elements. The Kings from Queens spit both clever boasts and gruesome tales, and they're made all the more sinister by how their vocals strike your speaker like a home run hit from Sosa himself.

Also featuring production from Thelonious Martin, SPVCE and Nick Catchdubs, 'Bastards of the Party' drops Sept. 3 via Fool's Gold.

'Bastards of the Party' Tracklisting:

1. Pre-Game [Prod. Northern Lights]
2. '96 Knicks [Prod. Black Noi$e]
3. Heathrow (Children of the Night) [Prod. Thelonious Martin]
4. Sammy Sosa (Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel & Remy Banks) [Prod. Black Noi$e]
5. Get Out (Prince SAMO, Nasty Nigel & Remy Banks) [Prod. Black Noi$e]
6. Nem Diggas [Prod. Jansport J]
7. V.S.O.P. (Cody B. Ware, Prince SAMO, Remy Banks, Nasty Nigel & Lansky Jones) [Prod. Nick Catchdubs]
8. BLISSKISS [Prod. Chuck LeGarcon]
9. Wave Ride (Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel & Prince SAMO) [Prod. Black Noi$e]
10. B.O.T.P (Nasty Nigel, Prince SAMO, Cody B. Ware & Jeff Donna) [Prod. SPVCE]
11. Your Girls Here PT. II (Cody B. Ware, Jeff Donna, Remy Banks & Prince SAMO) [Prod. SPVCE]
12. Rear View (Remy Banks, Lansky Jones & Cody B. Ware) [Prod. Black Noi$e]
13. Blacklisted [Prod. Black Noi$e & SPVCE]

[Via Noisey]