50 Cent had the 'Net buzzing yesterday claiming to have shut down video music site World Star Hip Hop, but the CEO of the website later stepped in to call the rapper's bluff. Lee "Q" O'Denat called into Hot 97 on Monday explaining to radio personality Angie Martinez that his site -- one of the top hip-hop video websites in the country -- was temporarily out of commission due to technical difficulties.

"It's nothing with 50 or homeland security, it's some technical difficulties," he explained, amid reports that the site was the latest to be seized by government officials for illegally posting music without proper permission. "It's not a hacker. It's more or less difficulties with the site itself as far as our server. We getting so much traffic and we constantly got to upgrade. It's been down for a few hours but anyone that's been a fan of World Star Hip-Hop knows that we've been down before. The most we've been down was 8 months b/c we got hacked in '07 and we got hacked last year."

By day's end, the site was back up and running, promoting its new Twitter page and website WorldStarAgency.com. According to Q, 50's claims of facilitating the shut down only added to its interest and publicity. "Shout out to 50 Cent, it's good promo," he quipped.

Prior to his interview, 50 called the radio station to continue the rumor he originally started on Twitter, blasting the website for "encouraging disrespect on every level possible." The Queen's MC has had a longstanding beef with the website, which Q brushed off as merely a misunderstanding. "It's just a miscommunication me and Fif had. Like I said, I been rolling with [50 Cent associate] Who Kid since 1999, helping that whole movement, with the first mixtapes online in 2001. I been helping these guys out for years and years and years, touring with Who Kid, booking shows parties tours and me and Fif had a fall back a few years ago everyone knows. Itís was miscommunication but everyone else around them is cool."

While some believed in the power of 50 Cent, his shameless self promotion of his own site hip-hop sites ThisIs50.com and BooBooTV.com, raised eyebrows that the whole thing was one huge publicity stunt. Either way now that the site is back up, 50 can look forward to a little healthy competition in the media game.