File this under strange but true: Florida rapper Woop was sentenced to two years in jail for shooting a missile.

It probably doesn't help that this isn't Woop's first offense. Last December, he was busted for robbery. The 22-year-old victim needed surgery after being heavily beaten as well as a arsenal of guns found in what investigators believed to be "gang-related."

Woop, who's government name is Charles Ford, was steadily making a climb in the South Florida music scene with tracks like "P---- N----" and "Go Away" -- the latter was later remixed by Atlanta trio Migos.

According to XXL, rumors about the young rhymer getting jail time have been circulating for awhile. Last October, Woop and a fellow South Florida rhymer, Kodak Black, were scheduled to perform at New York's SOBs venue but both were a no show. Many speculated that the two got arrested.

Woop's social media team and fans aren't letting his incarceration status deter them from backing up the rhymer though. On his Instagram page, there's countless posts of people saying "Free Woop." In another post from two weeks ago, the caption reads, "I'm prayed up," with a photo of the rhymer.

We hope that Woop can keep his spirits up since it seems that he'll be in for the long haul. Woop is scheduled to be release on May 10, 2018.

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