Rapper Wiz Khalifa is enjoying his favorite pastime on his new song 'Ziplocc' (Weedmix). On the mid-tempo trap banger the Taylor Gang leader raps about what he knows best — smoking weed.

The kush king raps, “Steady flexin’ on these children like I’m Willie Nelson / No discretion / Comes to drugs, I got a big selection...yes." The chorus goes, "28 grams in a ziplock / It ain’t nothing to get that zip off."

For the uninitiated, 28 grams equals an ounce of weed, which is often called a zip. So yeah, Wiz smokes a lot.

This sounds like a throwaway track so we don’t expect it to appear on any new album. However, Wiz is working on his next studio effort titled 'Blacc Hollywood.'

Aside from his latest single, 'We Dem Boys,' the collection will also feature duets with pop stars Miley Cyrus and Adele.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa's Song 'Ziplocc' (Weedmix)