Everyone knows that Wiz Khalifa likes his blunts, but in a recent interview with Toronto's Champ Magazine, the rapper gave a little insight into how committed he is to the great green herb.

"I wake up like any old normal person, open my eyes and then I roll over and smoke some weed," he said. "It's either already rolled, or I roll it, or I put it in the bong and just like anybody else does, put fire to it and smoke, and then I start my day. I usually eat some breakfast, make a couple phone calls, check some emails and then the wheels are moving."

In the video, Wiz answered a myriad of random questions about his fabulous life with Amber Rose, 'Pink Champage' marijuana, and how his habit also dictates his hygiene.

"I am guilty of smoking before brushing [my teeth]. Honestly if you're gonna smoke and then brush so you can get [the smell] out of there, instead of brushing then smoking and dirtying it back up," the well-intentioned rapper continued.

Wiz also got a bit existential, claiming that he wants to live forever and have a long-lasting legacy. "That's how I wanna end my story, when I'm 158 and I just check out," he explained. "I'm like 'Alright peace y'all.' Then they all be like 'Damn! He did that.'"

Check out the hilarious interview below.

Watch Wiz Khalifa Detail His Morning Routine

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