Be careful with those one-night stands. After photos surfaced of Wiz Khalifa cavorting with Playboy model Carla Howe, now comes news that a sex tape featuring the pair exists.

According to TMZ, Wiz and Howe apparently had sex during a recent photo shoot. Unfortunately, their sexual tryst was recorded without the rapper's permission. A source told the gossip website that the purported footage is now being shopped around Hollywood to the highest bidder.

An insider in Wiz's camp said that the 'We Dem Boyz' rhymer is ready to slap anyone with a cease-and-desist letter if the video is released. Oddly enough, he's deleted the photos off his Instagram account that featured his photo shoot with Howe. But of course, nothing ever disappears from the Internet.

However, according to Howe, Khalifa filmed her during their steamy session. She tweeted:

If there's anyone questioning whether a Wiz Khalifa sex tape will be profitable, they need only look at Howe's other sexy pictures on her social media accounts. Let's just say that Jennifer Lopez's song 'Booty' comes to mind.

Reps for Wiz Khalifa have no comment on the matter.



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