Wiz Khalifa has an expensive weed habit on his hands, to the tune of $10,000 a month. The 'Black and Yellow' rapper admitted that his love for Mary Jane is no cheap thrill. "I might spend like 10 grand on weed a month," he said in a newly released video chronicling his run on this year's Rock the Bells concert series. "Love is pound of your sweetest cheeba," he declared while lighting a bong.

"Smoke as much weed as possible. Don't drink and drive but get f---ed up. This is public service announcement, by the way. This is a Wizzle Service announcement: Get fucked up in 2010 and 2011 but don't get fucked up. Does that make sense?"

Khalifa has never been coy about showing his love for marijuana, naming his latest mixtape 'Kush and OJ,' which is essentially a musical diary with excessive weed smoke, as its implicit theme with songs like 'Still Blazin' and 'Waken Baken.' Weed habit aside, the 23-year-old's career is steadily heading towards the fast track grabbing the attention of big names like Drake and Rick Ross, who have both offered to increase his mainstream appeal. Khalifa has declined both offers, and is scheduled to release his third album sometimes next year.