Look around. From magazine covers to television, you can't miss Wiz Khalifa. Indeed, the burgeoning Pittsburgh MC, who has become a household name after enjoying a No. 1 hit with his smoked-out, hometown anthem 'Black and Yellow,' is getting used to his newfound fame as an omnipresent hip-hop force.

Wiz says he has his sights set on continuing the buzz with his latest single 'Roll Up,' a melodic, laid-back track that has already garnered heavy radio airplay across the country. Given his image as a lovable pothead, many fans and critics were under the assumption that 'Roll Up' was a playful nod to the sticky icky. Wiz, however, maintains that's not the case.

"Roll Up' was produced by Stargate," Wiz tells the BoomBox. "But contrary to what the title might sound like, it's really about me knowing a girl that might be in a situation that she is not too much feeling with her boyfriend. It's just letting her know that I will be cool and there, whenever she calls me."

As for the video for 'Roll Up,' Wiz, who is currently in a very public relationship with statuesque model and it-girl Amber Rose, says he enjoyed shooting the Los Angeles clip. "We shot it with Cassie on Venice Beach," he says of his drop-dead gorgeous co-star. "It was really fun."

When asked if Diddy's protégé and girlfriend was easy on the eyes, Wiz mused with a laugh, "Yeah ... You can say that."

Wiz Khalifa's Atlantic Records debut album 'Rolling Papers' is due out March 29.

Watch Wiz Khalifa's 'Roll Up'

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