Wiz Khalifa believes that Kanye West should puff on some weed to recover from his recent breakdown. That's what he told a TMZ reporter after he was asked about the G.O.O.D Music boss' condition.

For some reason, the reporter also asked Wiz if he believes that West's emotional problems are "well-deserved."

"Nah, man. Nothing like that," the dreadlocked spitter replied. "He need to smoke some weed. Smoke some KK, make your day-day all better."

More than likely, the "See You Again" creator was halfway joking about Ye smoking weed to feel better, but on the other hand he probably believes it could really help him on some level. "I'm gonna send him some to the mental institution," Wiz stated.

Undoubtedly, the Pittsburgh native's comments will raise eyebrows for the simple fact that he and Ye underwent a major social media beef in January of this year. It started when Kanye said his album was going to be called Waves, a little before he renamed it The Life of Pablo. As it's widely known, Mr. Khalifa has always been a huge Max B fan, and he was offended that Ye was going to take the Harlem's spitter catchphrase for his LP. Eventually, however, both superstar rappers spoke over the phone and settled their beef.

You can check out Wiz's comments about Kanye's mental condition above.

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