Wiz Khalifa, fresh off closing out his Rolling Papers tour, parties the night away in the official video for 'No Sleep,' off his gold-certified debut release, 'Rolling Papers.

The tattooed Pittsburgh native commences the Colin Tilley-directed clip by waking up on the floor of a building littered with beer bottles. As he rubs his eyes, Wiz recounts the prior evening's events, which are full of booze and ladies.

"Last night I let the party get the best of me/ Waking up in the morning, two h--s laying next to me/ Plus I heard an officer arrested me/ Good weed and cold drinks, that's the motherf---in' recipe," he rhymes.

Take a closer look at the visuals to find a cameo from one familiar, blonde beauty. Wiz's woman, Amber Rose, makes an appearance in the video. As the rap star moves through the chorus, of "No driving, no sleeping/ Live it up like it's the weekend/ When the DJ play the right song/ Gon' drink, gon' party all night long," Rose sits beside him while his entourage have their own party inside a cruising car.