The rumored relationship between rapper Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose may be turning into a full-fledged catfight as reality TV star Natalie Nunn has recently jumped in the mix. The Bay Area native, known for appearing on the reality show 'Bad Girls Club,' was believed to be involved with Khalifa, after photos of the two seemingly embraced in a kiss hit the 'Net. Although, the Pittsburgh rapper later revealed that he was simply blowing smoke into Nunn's mouth, it appears that their relationship may been more serious than he let on.

In a UStream video posted Sunday (Jan. 16), Nunn went off on Rose, even blasting her past as a stripper. "I didn't suck no motherf---ing d--- to get into no motherf---ing USC," said Nunn, who graduated from the prestigious Los Angeles area university. "Two degrees from USC, I still have two degrees that you cannot take from me. Okay? Not a degree as a stripper, you feel me?"

"With all due respect I'm not tryna take nothing from the next b----, but y'all gonna stop comparing me to these wanna be bad girls. 'Cause a bad b--- got a f---ing degree, so see me when you got a piece of paper that got something on it."

Nunn also stated that she met Khalifa after he approached her at a party she was hosting in his hometown. The two later went out on a date, but have since parted ways. After airing out her grievances for nearly 28 minutes the 26- year-old offered some parting words for Rose. "How I want to end this story is ... I wish the best of luck to Amber Rose, I wish the best of luck to Wiz," she said. "I don't wish bad on nobody. I don't have a heart like that, I just don't give a f---."

Since splitting from longtime boyfriend Kanye West last year, Rose has been linked to several rappers, but Khalifa appears to be her newest flame. The two were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, and have shared their adoration for one another over Twitter. "I need my baby," Rose tweeted. I'm so in LOVE I don't care what anyone says that's my baby I found happiness my heart is with Cam."

At press time, Rose refused to comment on the matter, noting that any further announcement regarding her relationship status would be released through her lawyer.

Watch Natalie Nunn Go Off on Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose