Wiz Khalifa is living a stoner's dream in his new video for "Most of Us."

The hazy visual starts with the Pittsburgh native blowing smoke right at the camera as he stands in front of a Ferris wheel at a carnival. But just as he's getting into his rhymes on the banger, the music cuts off and he immediately begins speaking to a person off-camera.

"Make sure you get that little skinny girl's number for me, yo -- Tara," he states. "Even if she's staying. She says she staying but make sure you get her number though."

Then it's back to the party. The "Teach U to Fly" rhymer gets a lap dance, smokes some more alongside two ladies and snuggles up on a couch under a marijuana leaf-decorated blanket. He's also seen rocking a crowd in a performance.

"Most of Us" is one of several songs the 28-year-old delivered this year. Snoop Dogg's "nephew" is gearing up to drop a sequel to his 2011 album, Rolling Papers. The new LP will appropriately be titled Rolling Papers 2. It's uncertain if this track will make it to the forthcoming album, but Wiz did give fans a preview of a song that might be.

"And I ain't smokin' blunts / I be rolling papers, rollin' papers, papers / 'Cuz I'm a Taylor, I'm a Taylor," the Rolling Papers creator rhymes over a TM88-produced track in an Instagram video released on Saturday (Oct. 17). Fans speculate that since he rhymes about "rollin' papers" that this may be the title track of the LP.

Other songs confirmed to appear on the effort include "Burn Slow" featuring Rae Sremmurd, "No Social Media" with Snoop Dogg and a highly anticipated track with The Weeknd.

Check out the possible title track off Wiz's new album below and watch him live a stoner's dream above.

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