Wiz Khalifa seems to be high on life nowadays despite the fact that his marriage to Amber Rose is imploding right in front of him. Or his elevated state must be due to the kush. In his new video for 'James Bong,' Wiz does what he does best: smoke weed.

The visual appears to be shot in a grainy VHS filter as we watch the newly purple-coiffed rapper inhale copious amounts of the sticky green in various locations including a rooftop. Props to director Uzi for shooting a James Bond-esque intro at the beginning of the clip.

'James Bong' is a track from Khalifa's '28 Grams' mixtape, which was released over the summer. His full-length studio album, 'Blacc Hollywood,' is currently in stores.

Meanwhile, Wiz's Blacc Hollywood Big Secret tour is set to roll out on Oct. 24 in Santa Ana, Calif.