Up until two weeks ago, Natalie Nunn was your average Z-listed reality TV star looking for attention. But then, the news broke that Amber Rose was hooking up with Nunn's old boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa. It sent the 'Bad Girls Club' alum into a jealous rage where she panned Rose's stripper past versus her own "two degrees from USC" credentials in a not-so-stoic UStream video. Now Nunn is seeking vengeance a different way; she's recording her own hip-hop album.

Nunn's been in and out of the studio since last June, working on an EP with producers ranging from Jukebox (Willow Smith), Dre Knight (Nicki Minaj, Young Money) and Chuck Harmony (Ne-Yo, Rihanna). Nunn's first single is called 'I Run LA.'

"I'm definitely in there spitting some real flows," Nunn told Vibe. "I'm talking that crazy bad girl crap. I'm really going in on some people that people will know." While it's still unknown whether Nunn is penning a Khalifa/Rose diss track, she did go on to call Rose a "hoe" in the interview, and claims her busy schedule makes her a hard catch. "Wiz did definitely stress that he wanted a girlfriend, someone to enjoy his moments with," Nunn continued. "It would've been great [to be that girl] because Wiz was a fun guy to hang out with, but at the end of the day, I have my calendar. When I was taking time out to hang with Wiz, I was taking time away from a) my rest and b) my money."

Nunn says she's been in talks for possible guest collaborations. "One person I've been back and forth communicating with is Soulja Boy," she revealed. "He's a friend of mine and I would love for him to get on there and swag it out." No word yet on when Nunn's debut EP will hit shelves.

Check out the full interview at Vibe.