Wiz Khalifa's new video for the song "Decisions" looks like one big party.

There's pretty girls, bottles of champagne flowing and a lot of the sticky green being smoked. Instead of an actual video, it looks like someone just grabbed a camera and started filming the rapper's daily life.

Most of the scenes look like they're shot in a dressing room or at a private event. Director Dan Folger also throws in some performance shots and uses some special effects throughout the video, which breaks up the monotony of Wiz just rhyming into the camera.

The Taylor Gang leader lets his friends in on the action, as everyone sips alcohol and dances to the track, looking completely joyous. Overall, the video is very free-flowing and doesn't contain any fancy shots or camera tricks. Seemingly, Folger just wanted to showcase Wiz's colorful personality.

The rapper looks completely happy in the video, even though he's in the middle of a divorce and custody battle with Amber Rose. He's smiling, dancing, rubbing up on women and enjoying the fruits of being a famous rapper.

Watch Wiz party on in with his team above.

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