As we reported last week, marijuana figures heavily on 'Taylor Allderdice,' the new mixtape from Wiz Khalifa. Appropriately enough, it also shows up in the new video for 'Brainstorm,' the laid-back jam that ends the collection. As the clip opens, the rapper is backstage, going through his pre-show ritual. This involves combing his hair, picking the appropriate sweater and bandana and readying his gin and joint for the stage.

Once he's in front of the audience, Wiz is all business, working up a mean enough sweat to necessitate the shedding of his shirt. At one point, the sinewy, tatted-up rhymer even falls to the ground, giving his all for the fans.

Backstage again, the Pittsburgh MC changes clothes, fires up another J and uncorks a bottle of champagne. He also does some push-ups, lest the smoking and drinking take its toll on his health.

"I got so many things running through my mind," he raps on the hook, and with this intimate portrait, we see precisely what those things are: weed, clothes and rocking the party. Consider his priorities straight.

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