Conrad MurrayMichael Jackson's personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, is being made out to look like one sick puppy. The Associated Press filed a report yesterday based on a leaked account given to investigators by a witness to Michael Jackson's final moments on June 25. Alberto Alvarez, who was Jackson's logistics director at the time, was called into the house when the artist was already in tragic condition. He claims Murray stopped CPR in order to hide vials in a closet, and after ultimately hearing of MJ's death, tried to return to the singer's mansion to get a cream he used so that "the world wouldn't find out about it."

Apparently, before Jackson's death, Murray had Alvarez pack the series of vials into a plastic bag that was then placed inside a brown canvas bag along with an IV. Alvarez claims that the IV bag had a milky white substance -- a point of evidence that lines up with the autopsy discovery of propofol in the artist's system. Murray instructed Alvarez to hold off on a 911 call while he hid the bag. Upon hearing of the singer's death, the doctor wanted to go back and grab the evidence but was foiled and later had to point detectives to the vials.

These allegations are not only extremely controversial, but seem to have enough credence that they could potentially create a path to the prosecution of Murray should his case go to trial.