Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has filed a suit against Black Eyed Peas manager for allegedly striking him outside an awards show in Toronto early Monday morning. The feud reportedly started when Peas' singer Fergie approached Hilton, questioning about content of her he had placed on Perezhilton.com. Later in the evening, Will.I.Am approached Perez, a verbal spat ensued and in the end, punches were thrown, tapes were rolling and the Peas manager Liborio Molina is now slated to appear in court on August 5.

And like any good feud between massive pop stars and a blogger, they're each trying to settle the score and resolve their heated differences the way any normal adult would do so: by posting lengthy video explanations to the Internet for the whole world to see!

In Will.I.Am's testimony, he proclaims his innocence, declares that he approached Perez with respect, and makes quite a valid point in noting that Perez tweeted about the incident before calling the police. "Sounds like somebody wants mad attention and is not really concerned about his health. I didn't hit you and this is very wrong that you're twitting that I did that, once again disrespecting me and everything I stand for."

Not to be out done, Perez's own lengthy message makes for a long twelve minutes where he explains that violence is the reason why people die and that the Black Eyes Peas new single wasn't really on the top of his list. Oh, and he defends his right to tweet.

Whether or not Will.I.Am was willing to take the high road or not, he pretty much had no choice: as someone who had made a living rehashing other people's dirty laundry Perez was inevitably going to say whatever he wanted for as long as he can, ultimately backing Will into a virtual corner. In the end, Perez's real life headache is ultimately going to be a summer long one for Will.