Macy Gray enteratined a star-studded crowd at L.A.'s Boulevard 3 Feb. 22 as part of the 'Vanity Fair' Amped Oscar party. And while Macy's three-song set had Natalie Cole standing in the rafters singing along to every word, as well as fans like Chris Brown and Lil Jon on hand, the proudest was her producer/label head Will.I.Am. Before heading in to introduce Gray, Will told AOL Music how much fun it was for him to produce Gray.

"I'm psyched about this one because I get to flex my production skills on something totally different," he says. "I did the Game thing, then the Nas thing, the Fergie thing, the Sergio Mendes thing, but Macy Gray is a different thing. It's contemporary soul, classic type of production. I studied Natalie Cole's production, Anita Baker's production, Barry White's production, and then applied it to Macy Gray's album."