Black Eyed Peas
producer and frontman Will.I.Am has big plans for the newest artist on his label imprint, singer Kelis. According to Will, the Grammy nominated singer is poised to become as big as the Peas themselves. "Kelis has always been a best kept secret," he said in an interview. "The cool people know Kelis. But the majority of people just know 'Milkshake.' If Kelis were fashion she would be a girl's favorite pair of shoes or a coat...high fashion."

The man behind tracks for John Legend, Michael Jackson, and band member Fergie might be on to something as Kelis' latest single 'Acapella' is No. 1 on the Billboard dance/club play song charts. "I would like Kelis to show she's an international sensation," he continued. "She can be big. A lot of people think big is being on the radio or that being big is having a show in London, France and sometimes Japan. But that ain't international...that's just three countries. The Black Eyed Peas are big; the Black Eyed Peas are international. I think Kelis can be that big. As big as the Peas." Will also mentioned that unlike other musicians that have record labels he has no qualms about making his artists bigger stars than he is. "I've proven that's not me. Fergie is huge. When Fergie blew up she was bigger than me! I believe Kelis can do the same."

Although Kelis has seen marginal success by way of hits like 'Milkshake,' these days her embattled relationship with soon-to-be-ex husband Nas keeps her name in the press. The former couple continues to hash out the details of their divorce, and custody agreement for their infant son. Her fifth album 'Flesh Tone' hits stores this spring.