Anyone who's ever tried to get tickets to a Beyonce concert through traditional means -- like logging on to Ticketmaster right as they go on sale -- knows it's impossibly difficult.

Chances are you were faced with a message that they'd already sold out. Sold out already? How could that be?

In a new article published by The FADER -- "FADER Explains: Beyoncé Tickets" -- Associate Editor Naomi Zeichner explores just why it's so damn hard to get a ticket to see Queen Bey.

It turns out the reasons are varied.

According to the article, when tickets go on sale all 19,000 seats in an arena like the Barclays Center aren't being made available to the public at once.

First there's a presale that's exclusive to Beyoncé's fan club, then a presale for MasterCard holders, then another presale for Ticketmaster users. There are also tickets going to VIPs, Beyoncé's team and another special set of tickets for radio promo giveaways. That leaves a small amount left, estimated to be around 2,000.


Think about how many people across the globe are logging on to Ticketmaster at once, trying to score a ticket, and then you can understand why you weren't one of the lucky ones.

We implore you to read the full article though, for tips on how to actually get tickets.

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