If you haven't heard the song "Why You Always Lying" this month, chances are you've been off the grid. The hilarious Instagram video features 21-year-old Nicholas Fraser putting his hilarious spin on Next's classic "Too Close." Now, the Queens, N.Y. native delivers the full-length video in all its comical glory.

Since it's release on Monday (Sept. 14), it's garnered over 124,000 views on YouTube. In the full video, Fraser's friend literally runs to his house to tell him about some new shoes, a BMW and a girl he just met -- with a few embellished details. "I wonder if he knows that I know he's lying right now?" he ponders.

Fraser clearly took some dance cues from Kevin Hart's '90's R&B tutorial as he points outwards and spreads his arms around in his backyard to the anthem for calling out liars. At one point, the funnyman asks someone behind the camera to pour rain on him as he breaks down in fake tears. A few friends join along for some coordinated dance moves in matching blue button-ups (unbuttoned to show their chest, of course) and jeans.

The original video meme caused plenty of viral reactions with users on Twitter and Instagram sharing their own examples of liars ("I'll call you back" or "I forgot to press send") accompanied by the video. There's also a few international editions as well. Fans have even superimposed Fraser's head on the body in the original Next video -- his personal favorite.

Check out why Fraser has everyone saying "Mmmoh my God" above and watch the international versions and spin-off memes below.