Whitney Houston, 47, has been known to scoop men half her age. Ray J, 30, comes to mind when thinking of her romantic love interests, but now there's a new boy toy the troubled superstar is being linked to: Tyrese Gibson.

According to the National Enquirer, the 'I Will Always Love You' performer is dating the 32-year-old crooner-turned-actor. Houston reportedly met the 'Transformers' star in February of this year while at a party together. Since their introduction, the two have been "quietly dating," reports say.

A source reveals that Houston made the first move on Gibson, approaching him at the event then calling him afterwards to set up a date.

While the tabloid magazine is known to exaggerate facts, and celebrities blast its reports as false many times, there could be truth behind the claims that Houston and Gibson are an item, despite the latter already denying the rumors.

"Negative blogs, press, blurbs, people spreading negative things. Rumors. I rest Well at night cause none of these things matter anymore..." Tyrese wrote in a post on his Twitter account. He then went on to digitally laugh over the news he's "dating" the pop chanteuse. "Man if ya'll don't Gtfoh (get the f**k out of here) w (with) this dumb s**t.. Hahahahahaahahaa... #Never... I repeat.. Never..!!"

Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, didn't take the film star's reaction to the news lightly.

"Lmao (laughing my a** off) at Tyrese.. Damn it's like tht (that)?! Hah, well to clear it up, Trust Me, MY MOM WOULD Never. Hah #shesroyalty," she responded.

As for Houston, she is still taking steps toward sobriety in an outpatient rehabilitation facility.

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