Mysterious consultant to the stars Raffles van Exel is attempting to clear up any rumored connections he has with Whitney Houston's death. As The BoomBox previously reported, the enigmatic van Exel performed a postmortem sweep of Houston's hotel room, clearing it of any drugs just after the singer perished.

The celebrity lackey has also been tied to the gruesome casket photo of Whitney Houston that was sold to the National Enquirer. With rumors abounding, Ruffles won't stand by without fighting any longer.

Speaking to TMZ, van Exel claims he was "neither the architect nor the culprit of the sudden demise of Whitney Houston."

Several reports have pegged van Exel as Houston's cocaine supplier. Since then, Raffles has been shipping off cease and desist letters to any media outlets that report on the rumored link.

No one is quite sure what Raffles van Exel does or who he is and why he's been tied to big stars (Michael Jackson) in the past.

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