Whitney Houston is poised to make her silver screen comeback with a role opposite Jordin Sparks in a remake of the 1976 film 'Sparkle.' But a career-saving opportunity isn't the only thing Houston gained from the movie. During a recent 'Entertainment Tonight' interview, Whitney and co-star Jordin revealed they forged a super chummy new friendship while working together as well!

Whitney, 48, and Sparks, 21, dished on the film that focuses on a church choir-singing family in 1950s Harlem, who go on to become a successful girl group. But, it was the onscreen mother and daughter's off-screen chemistry that stole the spotlight during the interview.

"I think this is going to let the world see that the 'American Idol' that was chosen is truly capable of handling it," Whitney said praising her young co-star. When asked "What sparkles about Jordin Sparks?" Whitney gushed, "That face, that smile, the innocence, but the love for music, the love for singing, her personality, just being Jordin."

Whitney and Jordin went on to explain their off-camera connection actually started during their very first script reading together. "It was a moment that we bonded, and I was just looking at her and she was just so sweet and so good," Whitney revealed while affectionately stroking her new BFF's arm.

The 'American Idol' champ was quick to return the compliments to the icon beaming, "It's really cool to see somebody who has got everything, trying to balance and juggle everything, as well as wear the executive producer hat ... it's phenomenal."

Watch the new besties finish each others' sentences and engage in a genuine love fest below!

Watch 'Whitney Houston's Sparkling Big-Screen Comeback'