While the Internet continues to go ga-ga over the next big thing ... Jay-Z's second coming, the next Madonna-esque artist, we here checked in with some of hip-hop and R&B's vets to find out what they're up to today.

Back in the early '80s the Force M.D.s -- originally called the L.D.s, then the Force MCs and eventually by their current moniker -- were working their way from Staten Island to the "big time." Known for being one of the first R&B groups to swing smooth vocals over hip-hop beats, the Force M.D.s were versatile and cool enough to be able to perform at hip-hop shows as Dr. Rock & the M.C.s when they weren't driving girls wild with their 1985 hit 'Tender Love.'

We caught up with the Force M.D.s, now a threesome, and took a walk down memory lane while playing a little catch up.

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