Any competition taking place in New York's famed Rucker Park is serious business. That goes for streetballin' and chicken noodle soupin'. DJ Webstar & Young B celebrated the release of Webstar's debut CD last week by hitting the hallowed court with a family-friendly party and contest based on the current dance craze.

With her young niece at her side, 16-year-old rapper Bianca "Young B" Dupree explained to AOL Music the meaning of the hit tune. "The dance that the kids in Harlem were already doing was called the Chicken Noodle Soup, so we just named the song that. Everybody says stuff about lyrics, but kids don't care about that. We just wanna hear a good beat we can dance to."

Jae Millz and Nina Sky served as judges while kids ages 7-15 competed for cash prizes and the chance to appear in the remix video.

Now that 19-year-old Webstar's 'Caught in the Web' is in stores, Young B is looking forward to college and her own solo release. Yet despite the thousands of YouTube video copycats she's spawned, the teen is still adjusting to her celebrity.

"We just performed at Radio City for the Boost Mobile Rock Corps concert," she said with a smile. "I was gonna do some community service so I could go, but [then] they asked us to perform."