A local weatherman is adding some unique hip-hop flavor to his forecasts and quickly becoming a viral sensation. Nick Kosir, a 26-year-old, has been rapping the weather on a local Fox affiliate in Beaumont, Texas for a couple months, but was suddenly discovered by YouTube users, tweeted by Ryan Seacrest and profiled on the Huffington Post in the past week.

"I was really excited," said Kosir in an interview with the Houston Chronicle. "One day when I'm old and fat and sitting on the couch, I can tell my son, 'For one week in 2010, I was pretty cool.' I'm enjoying this. An artist does his work for two reasons: because he wants to, and because he wants others to enjoy his work. So this is very exciting for me."

Kosir does realize that weather is important to a lot of people, so he makes sure to only rap when the forecast is clear and sunny. He's become enough of a sensation already that Fox News is planning to give him a cameo or two on their 'Fox & Friends' morning show. While Kosir's flow is generally stilted and awkward, you have to give him props for finding a way to rhyme "in the 80s" with "humidity like Hades."

Check out a video of Kosir in action below.