On the heels of revealing their new streetwear collaboration, Stussy and Yo! MTV Raps have teamed up once again for a two-part documentary on the seminal hip-hop show.

'We Were All Watching' is two-part, nearly 20-minute piece produced by Stussy that chronicles Yo! MTV Raps' history and importance to the culture along with its trendsetting style.

And to flesh all of this out, they called upon some hip-hop luminaries to add their two cents to the discussion. The following are included in the documentary: Rakim, Evidence, MC Lyte, Alchemist, DJ Premier, Questlove, Yo! co-creator Peter Dougherty, and show co-host Ed Lover.

They all discuss their love for Yo! MTV Raps and how it inevitably shaped their careers, especially in terms of certain artists (MC Lyte, for one) using it as a launching pad. If nothing else, this should provide a nice catch-up for the youngsters unfamiliar with the show while the older heads, well, they're about to have some serious nostalgia.

You can watch the two-part documentary below.