Want to stay on top of everything that's happening in Austin, but don't feel like following 50 different Twitter accounts and monitoring 100 different sites? Want to watch performances of all of your favorite acts performing in Austin, but don't want to sit through endless hours of shaky handheld phone video with bad audio and worse camera angles? This year, Hype Hotel and Mazda have you covered. They've created a HypeON hub that pulls together all of the highlights from SXSW in one place, as the festival is happening – including exclusive video of performances from the Hype Hotel Presented by Feed the Beat, along with original photography and exclusive reports from around the festival. So this year, say goodbye to the hacky, bootleg-quality YouTube uploads. Watch high-quality Hype Hotel performances – and stay on top of all the action around the festival – all in one place with daily reports and updates at the HypeON hub.

Brought to you by Mazda, official automobile sponsor of #HypeON. #MazdaSXSW #HypeON