Juicy J is on his 'Poltergeist' tip something heavy in his stark new video for 'Yet,' which will not appear on his upcoming solo album, 'Stay Trippy.'

If you thought the Three 6 Mafia rapper was only about getting stoned and inebriated beyond recognition these days, you have probably mistaken his kindness (or highness) for weakness. Juicy's still got that raw, snarling side to him, and it's on full display throughout 'Yet.'

Director Jonathan Andrade captures the track's essence perfectly placing Juicy in front of six TVs projecting noise and, at times, dark imagery to complement his rhymes. There's footage of buildings exploding and injured animals, and it all drives home the point that Juicy J isn't someone you take lightly. He might love drugs and booze, but it's still clap at 'cha.

You can watch the video below. 'Stay Trippy' drops Aug. 27.