In show business, some people develop talent over time and others are born with it, like Beyonce, who's been performing onstage pretty much since leaving the womb.

Now there's a YouTube video (which is receiving some new shine now since being uploaded in 2013) that showcases her talent as a kid -- 8 years old to be exact. Queen B's belting out the song 'Home' from 'The Wiz.' She performed the effort in a Peoples' Workshop talent competition, in full-on Dorothy attire, hitting the notes like a seasoned veteran.

But it's not just her voice that's impressive, at 8, Bey already had her stage presence down, as she confidently faces the crowd, moving around like a pro and even adds a little dramatic flare to the lyrics, just like someone twice her age would do.

At the end of the performance, the host of the show seems to predict the future perfectly. She tells the audience that Beyonce asked her for an autograph back stage but then states that she better ask the future Mrs. Carter for an autograph instead because it looks like she'll be a big star one day. Truer words were never spoken.

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