(Not so) new rule: If it ever happened and it was documented in photo, on film or video it will be on the Internet -- especially if the subject of the happening is as famous as Drake. Today the 'Net gods have blessed us with a rare glimpse of Aubrey Drake Graham back in his 'DeGrassi: The Next Generation' days.

Insert your own 'Started From The Bottom' joke here. Part of the N network's 'Degrassi Un-scripted' series this 2005 clip features an 18-year-old Drake before he became a popular music superstar.

We get Drake the humble and well-mannered child actor who takes the camera crew on an 'MTV Cribs' style tour of his modest middle class home. We meet his mom, his proud bubbe, get to see his makeshift home studio at the time. '05 Drake, in the nascent stages of his career, openly gushes about his admiration of Pharrell and Kanye West among others. A very different demeanor from the fiercely competitive and cocky Drake of 2013. We wonder if we'll hear the audio of his grandmother's endearing promo drop on 'Nothing Was The Same?'

Watch the video below.