Warren G -- fresh off the release of a tribute track for his late pal Nate Dogg -- has found himself an interesting new business venture. The Long Beach, Calif. native has signed on as a spokesman for AffirmXL, a penile enlargement pill.

Thus far, five different commercials have been released in which Warren acts as an advisor to a man contemplating using penile enlargement pills. In one commercial the man is laying on a bed with a lady who informs him that she's "ready," so he heads to the bathroom where he finds Warren sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper. "What are you doing here?" the man inquiries. "What does it look like I'm doing here?! You need to take your AffirmXL," Warren responds, handing him a package of the pills.

By the fourth commercial, the man has finally decided to actually take the pill, only to find Warren G has beaten him to the punch. The rapper is laying in his bedroom surrounded by scantily clad women, as he informs the man that he's too little too late. "I tried to tell you to take your AffrimXL but you didn't want to listen. As you can see, I take my AffirmXL and now I go to regulate."

The commercials are heavy on the cheese factor, with acting that is over the top and perfectly in line with infomercials in the same category. Although they leaked to the 'Net a little early, the commercials won't officially air until tonight.

Watch Warren G's AffirmXL Commercial