Another day, another Twitter jacking. Wale is the latest rapper whose account has been compromised, with an anonymous hacker taking over the page yesterday afternoon for a half-hour. During the takeover, the D.C. rapper tweeted at his former nemesis Kid Cudi, producer Plain Pat and Lady Gaga, with whom he collaborated on his single 'Chillin.'

"WHY DONT U RETURN MY CALLS NO MORE BOO?" the hacker tweeted at Lady Gaga, choosing even pointier words for Cudders. "The rumors are true... @wizardcud is a satanic cokehead devil worshiper who sold his soul. u should never have come back to twitter pussyboy."

He continued by blasting the Cleveland rapper, tweeting, "@wizardcud get off that liquid coke son stop playing dress up as david bowie. im gonna own u on wax you f---ing emo ur jeans are 2 tight." Plain Pat, who works closely with Cudi, felt the wrath, too. "@PLAINPAT YOURE A FAT F--- GO TO HELL WITH UR BUTT BUDDY @WIZARDCUD," ranted the hacker, also throwing jabs at

The D.C. native was quick to take back control over his account, taking it all in stride. "Ha.. Hackers imma get u. Don't worry bout it," he wrote. "Y'all know lady gaga always returns my calls. Lol and is fam... Cudi... He cool... Back to y'all day . Bye."

Watch Wale's 'Chillin' With Lady Gaga

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