A storm has been brewing around Wale ever since he canceled a performance at an LGBT-sponsored Black Pride festival taking in Washington, D.C., last weekend. Apparently, Wale pulled out of the $20,000 gig because of a family emergency and then his agent sent an email claiming that the rapper didn't know that the festivities celebrated homosexuality as well as race. Now, Wale is fighting back.

"All these f---- ppl talking shyt about 'what they heard is pissin me off," he wrote on Twitter earlier today. "I'm canceling what I was supposed to be doin... to go... yeah ILL BE THERE!! I'm not scared nor do I have any hatred for ANYBODY. Didn't know about the BOOKING or CANCELLATION but this shyt is opening my eyes about how fairweather fans n media works. Funny people say "sensitive" this n that, but if someone was comin at your ass could you ignore it EVERYDAY?"

Translation: Wale claims that he didn't know about neither the performance nor the cancellation. After reading a few accusatory articles, he has decided to at least attend. There's no confirmation that he will actually perform at the event, though.

"All of the facts of the event were not disclosed with the offer and therefore, he feels mislead and regretfully declines," said Wale's rep Jesse Kirshbaum last week before the rapper took it back earlier today.