Wale is being sued for skipping out on a performance in New York over the summer, according to a new lawsuit filed against the rapper. Allegedly, Wale accepted $25,000 upfront to headline a show but never showed up and kept the cash without any kind of communication with the promoters.

According to TMZ.com, Wale was hired by Upfront and Personal Global. The promoters paid Wale $25,000 in two installments of $12,500 wired to his account. However, the day of the show the promoters couldn't reach the rapper and he indeed never ending up performing. They claim they tried to reach out to Wale's team for a refund and never heard back from them either.

The rapper is being sued for $25,000 plus interest.

However, since the news broke, Wale took to Instagram to explain his side of the story on TheShadeRoom's post. He claims he did show up but his DJ was late so he was told he couldn't preform.

"That ain't true," Wale commented. "I ain't even spoke to nobody. They told me I couldn't go on stage cuz I was "too late" cuz my DJ wasn't there... This my first time hearin it."

Now that both parties have spoken on the topic, maybe they'll be able come to an agreement or understanding outside of the courts. Check back for updates on the lawsuit as the information continues to unravel.

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