It looks like Waka Flocka Flame has found a way to soothe his scratchy throat. He's teamed up with Pine Bros. to promote the company's throat lozenges and whether the 1017 Brick Squad artist is screaming as loud as possible or smoking on that loud, it looks like they've got him covered.

The videos seem like a pretty standard endorsement from the rapper, but something about the billowing cloud of smoke coming from his off-camera hand and hearing him say "plant glycerin, imported gum acacia, natural flavors" makes this entire thing absolutely magical. But then again, nothing about this is normal and it's actually pretty surreal.

"Damn, they got my back and my sore throat," he says enthusiastically.

The longer spot aired during last night's American Music Awards so if you didn't tune in you can check it out above and catch the shorter cough drop clips below. According to Waka, "they magic."

Watch Waka Flocka Flame Promote Pine Bros. Cough Drops

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