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Waka Flocka's album is called 'Flockaveli,' after revered philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli. "Tupac introduced me to the [writing] of Machiavelli," Waka told MTV. "That's why I made that. I can't just, 'Oh, Tupac did that, so I'm gonna do that too.' If people read, they would love that man. That man is a mind-game genius. I read the Machiavelli war-tactic books, his biography, everything. That man is just like sticks and stones, bad. You see Waka Flocka, what do you think? Negativity. You read Machiavelli? Negativity. My brain, I'm so sharp, I can play stupid on the camera and they think I'm dumb. So really, you just playing yourself. I'm so ahead of y'all. That's for the bloggers." Wow. [MTV]

Actor Josh Duhamel gets to make out with a lot of chicks, but he'd much prefer to make out with singer Josh Kelley. "It's just one of the perks of the job," Duhamel said of making out with chicks. "Katherine [Heigl] was like, 'You were making out with Katie Holmes in your last movie? Excuse me, I'm already jealous.' Personally, I'm a big fan of Katherine's husband, Josh Kelley, so kissing her in 'Life As We Know It' was like indirectly getting to make out with him." Dude, awesome! [Parade]

Speaking on the subject of modern bullying, the Semi Precious Weapons bassist Cole Whittle said "Bullying is worse now than it's ever been in human history, because now you can be a cowardly bully....Making fun of a kid 20 years ago in front of his face was bullying, but now you can sit at home and be an anonymous bully and reach three times the audience with your stupid computer," he told MTV. "Back in the day, the worst thing you could do was have four people on speakerphone and call some kid a loser, and it's like, 'Aw, that sucks.' But now it's getting to the point where it literally can cripple you. So if anybody has a bully they want to send to me, I'll choke him out, immediately." [MTV]