Waka Flocka Flame fans are about to be hit with some heat for the winter. The rapper returns with "Workin," the first trunk-rattling single from his forthcoming album, Flockaveli 2.

Over the Tarentino-produced beat, Waka yells, "I've been workin n----," as a reminder to anyone questioning his grind.

The rhymer also delivers some solid lines like, "A lot of rappers start trapping it's like recess / Real jet boy I snatch the chain off your neck / Set the game for you n-----, that's a preset / Elm Street, Dirt Gang n---- that's the G set."

To support the debut of his new track, Waka Flocka also releases a short clip detailing his creative process. "I don't go to the studio and try to make a radio record," he revealed. "However I feel that's how I rap. I'm an entertainer, man. All that other s--- is for the birds."

For his upcoming LP, he also promises to "give [the people] some underground." Three years have passed since Waka dropped his 2012 sophomore effort, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family, featuring songs like "Round of Applause" with Drake and "Rooster in My Rari."

Flockaveli 2 will arrive this winter.

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