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In this week's round of the The Top Five Tweets of the Week, Waka Flocka Flame responds to the police raid on his ATL home, Miyoki -- the model who's hair caught on fire at Diddy's 'Last Train to Paris' album release party -- says her hair lost is just temporary, and after a small hiatus after experience low album sales Soulja Boy still says he's fresh. Lil' Kim is happy Twitter has recognized she's still The Queen, and Nicki Minaj celebrates going gold.

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1. @WackaFlockaBSM (Wacka Flocka Flame): "The folks just kick my door n good thing i left for court lol ... N they f--- my whole house up talking bout they got a tip ... Hello i f---ing rap ... Next time (po po) get a better tip. If i don't stand for nothing i'll never b s--- and that's real talk #flockanoon. @beaware "Big Brother" is watching."

2. @MiyokiGunz (Miyoki): "Life Goes; Hair Grows."

3. @souljaboy (Soulja Boy): I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts.

4. @lilkimdagodess (Lil Kim): WOW. I'm the 6th most tweeted person for 2010. THANK YOU ALL BABIES! #followlilkim #thequeen

5. @nickiminaj (Nicki Minaj): Thank you for supporting Pink Friday This is all because of you!