When Waka Flocka Flame's 'No Hands' video debuted last year, fans probably wondered what happened to his signature Muppet necklace, which was last seen in the visuals for 'Hard in da Paint.' The rapper's jewels were noticeably absent when he appeared alongside Wale and Roscoe Dash in the clip, causing some to wonder if he sold the hefty item or just locked it in a safe somewhere.

During Oscar weekend, Waka was at an L.A. airport bearing the yellow diamond-accented piece shaped like Fozzie Bear. In an encounter with a TMZ cameraman, the 24-year-old rhymer dropped several of his belongings and issued an expletive towards the invasive paparrazi just several inches from him, before the camera caught a glimpse of his neckwear.

As he was questioned whether or not he would opt for an airport pat-down or body scan, the 'Flockaveli' creator, dressed in a tan bubble vest and white t-shirt, swung his chest around to show off the glittering jewelry. "It's $100,000," Waka boasted as he grabbed the chain.

In related Waka Flocka news, the rapper released a new mixtape in February, titled 'Salute Me or Shoot Me 3.' One of the effort's tracks, 'Clap,' was chosen by Waka to set the mood for his photo shoot with PETA's "Ink, Not Mink" campaign.

Watch Waka Flocka Flame's 'No Hands'

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