Gucci Mane clearly had plenty to say about other rappers last week, but what did former friend (and current label mate, reluctantly) Waka Flocka Flame have to say about Guwop's Twitter tirade? The guest on Power 101.5's The Breakfast Club this morning, Fozzie Bear warned there'll be repercussions next time he sees Gucci.

I don't care how crazy he doing, I don't care if he jump off the roof; if I catch him, it's going digital. I don’t want to kill him or nothing, I just want to slap him a couple times. You know, like a little brother.

Despite coming as a surprise to Flocka, Gucci's rant was just the latest in a long series of disloyal moves, apparently.

It's like he used you for stepping stones. He got a history of that, though. When I first met him, a lot of people told me like, 'yo, he gonna cross you. He crossed his best friend, he crossed his mother, he crossed his brother, he crossed his cousins.' You like, 'nah, my n---a, not us.' And then when that happened, it's like you already knew. I've been prepared for it.

Guwop's three-day Twitter rampage has spawned plenty of Internet think pieces, but Waka summed it up the best: "Man, Gucci lost his noodles. People just think he gangster or hard; he really need medical attention, man. That guy lost his noodles, man."