Waka Flocka Flame has finally responded to Gucci Mane's Twitter barrage and erratic behavior with a diss song called 'Ice Cream.'

Waka's song attacks Gucci on several fronts. In the song's chorus, he talks about how when he first met Gucci, he thought that the Brick Squad founder was a "real n---a." He also addresses Gucci's lean addiction, saying "N---a sips codeine like it's lemonade." In the verses, Waka gets aggressive, saying that if Gucci plans to threaten him that he knows how to retaliate.

Outside of addressing Gucci directly, Waka speaks about how far he has come on 'Ice Cream.' He cites the fact that he was sharing rooms before he really started to make breakthroughs as a rapper. Waka is in a space now where beefing with Gucci Mane is a distraction, one he doesn't want to get pulled into but one that he is quite prepared to handle if he needs to get his hands dirty.

The timing of this release is curious, considering that Gucci is currently locked up and will likely spend the next six months in jail for a probation violation. He will also have to go through rehab for his addiction to lean. He has already come out and apologized for his behavior on Twitter (although he did not specifically apologize to Waka directly). Is Waka kicking a man while he's already down? Decide for yourself.