Finding a job is never an easy feat but if you're skilled in the art of rolling blunts, you may have just earned yourself a spot working for Waka Flocka Flame.

Earlier this week, the 'Flockaveli' creator put out the word that he's in search of a personal blunt roller. Waka shared the news on his Instagram page, writing, "I'm paying $50K for a year for a blunt roller.... hashtag #icanroll."

A yearly salary of $50,000 to assist the rapper in his weed indulgence is a dream come true for many. If you share the same love for the sticky green like Waka does, then this is the perfect job for you. And even if you don't take tokes of the marijuana smoke, it's still a pretty sweet gig.

Waka informed interested applicants that they'd have to provide a resume to be considered for the position, but there's one catch: it has to be "sent on a rolling paper or blunts."

If Waka Flocka really is serious about his search for a personal blunt roller, it looks like the position may have been filled by actor Seth Rogen, who reached out to the 'Rage the Night Away' rhymer via Twitter to express his desire to roll for him. "@WakaFlockabsm #icanroll Hit me up," he wrote.

The 'Love & Hip Hop' star released a statement to the Huffington Post confirming Rogen's hiring. "Waka Flocka and 36Brickhouse will no longer be accepting applicants for the specified job listing for 'Personal Blunt Roller,' as Seth Rogen has been hired to fill this position. His experience both on and off camera has earned this funnyman a slot with squad, eh.#icanROLL," Waka disclosed.