Three of the six men arrested for their involvement in the shooting and attempted robbery of Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame's tour bus, will face a judge today.

The shooting occurred on Feb. 16, when Waka Flocka stopped at Car Stereo Warehouse in Charlotte, to upgrade the stereo equipment on his bus, and a group of men approached and allegedly opened fire. Police arrived on the scene immediately, engaging the shooters in a high-speed chase, but the men escaped on foot. One man, Antonio Stukes, was shot in the shoulder by a member of Waka's security detail, but when questioned by police, he claimed to have been an aspiring rapper, attempting to hand Waka a demo tape.

Now Stukes and five others have been charged with two counts of felony conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with a dangerous weapon and shooting into an occupied dwelling, and are currently being held on $200,000 bond. Stukes, Andre Sellers and Xavier Hoover will go before a judge today, while Antoine Washington, David Bellamy and Barry Lawrence will head to court Tuesday for the same charges.

"It's pretty shocking to me," Stukes' attorney said, responding to his client's arrest. "I was not expecting this. I was expecting someone in the entourage to be arrested. My client ended up getting shot and having to go to the hospital, and in the end he ends up getting arrested. I'm absolutely shocked."

According to a local news report, the six men in question have extensive criminal histories, and one of them, Antoine Washington, had actually been arrested and released 14 hours prior to the shooting, for misdemeanor traffic violations.

While police are still uncertain as to which side opened fire first, Waka Flocka's camp claims that his security detail followed strict protocol in returning fire on the would-be robbers, and that video evidence of the shooting will prove that Stukes was shot in self-defense.

In other Waka Flocka news, the rapper released a new mixtape over the weekend, titled 'Salute Me or Shoot Me 3.' You can listen to the 24-track 'tape after the jump.