Grant Lamos IV, Getty Images

Sadly, Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane probably won't be hanging out together anytime soon. No Madden marathons, no vegan muffin making, no cameos.... nothing. Waka just officially deemed their friendship over.

Waka was notably absent from Gucci's recent homecoming concert in Atlanta, Gucci and Friends. When asked why during a Reddit AMA session, he responded with a simple, "because we ain't friends."

Aw, man.

To top it off, on his new mixtape, Lebron Flocka James 4, Waka cements the deal.

“Ok, so they wanna know what’s really going on with me and Guwop? What the f-ck you think going on? Nothin.'”

Of course, this isn't exactly news, but it's still sad to have it confirmed. Either way, both Waka and GuWop are staying busy. Gucci's album Everybody Looking is predicted to hit the No. 2 spot on Billboard this week, presumably under Drake's Views. And he's been releasing videos left and right since he was released from prison, celebrating his sobriety and new lease on life properly.

Waka has also been busy with the release of his new mixtape, which dropped yesterday (July 27). Waka reportedly is planning to release two mixtapes this month—LFJ4 and Flock Curry (DuFlockaRant Edition). The 30-year-old rapper also said that he will drop his full-length studio effort, Flockaveli 2, the sequel to his debut album, Flockaveli, by year’s end.

See Waka's comments on Reddit below.



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